12-28-16 Thoughts

Hello just speaking our thoughts;

This is Leisa Thompson sending out a heartfelt request for help I’m in over my abilities. This I know the City of Salem is wrong and has broken law’s and now are bulling us.

We know how revengeful The City of Salem is for we are losing everything because I Leisa Thompson reached out to the Department of Environmental Quality in 1998 over the City of Salem 1948 Sewer Easement overflowing taken over the whole pasture.

Resulting in the City of Salem failure to comply too the Soil and Erosion laws requested of them in 1998/1999 by the State Department of Soil and Erosion, by defying State order to record new Soil and Erosion easement into permanent record and then by losing all drawing and written plans of revise easement and in doing so somehow gives them the right to wash us out with above waters.

In which we are now just understanding the lies and deception since 2012 when our neighbors took out the berm of earth that was protecting us from being washed out from waters above that was being retained. Waters from the neighbor’s, house his neighbor’s house and the houses up above on Mountain Avenue, in other words it’s a lot of water.

What doesn’t make since to me is Soil and Erosion was drawn up by COMMONWEALTH OF VIRGINIA, Patricia L. Miley No.023323 professional engineer for BALZER of 1208 Corporate Circle Roanoke, Virginia 24018 Phone:703/772-9580 Fax:703/772-8050 or BALZER of 501 Branchway Road Suite 100 Richmond, Virginia 23236 Phone:804/7940571 Fax:804/7942635 or BALZER of 1514 East Parham Road Richmond, Virginia 23228 Phone:804/262-6046 Fax:804/2643037 JOB NO.92083-2 Overview and Erosion and Sediment control plan Mountain View Estates City of Salem- Virginia which wasn’t signed into court records but was used as Randy Smith said so Al Cooper could get his permits to build but the city couldn’t make Al Cooper use it cause it would cost him to much money back in 1999, but on August 9th 2016 Jay Taliaferro said BALZER PLANS WOULDN’T WORK THE WHY WERE DRAWN UP and that’s why the city didn’t use them.

Since Jay was one of the one’s who were there on site and wrote to by the State to see that Soil and Erosion was followed in 1999 and didn’t comply did he not broke the law and now just saying anything to mislead.

December 14, 2016 we thought we saw a window of hope when Mary Ellen Wines pointed out at the Planning and Zoning meeting that the City had laws that protected homeowners and their property from endangerment from their neighbors on record. Before Mr. Thompson could speak meeting was closed. Before leaving he did speak his question in regards to trees being washed out by waters above and she said would look into it when approaching her about what she had found out she said after talking with Jay Taliaferro that the laws do not apply to our neighbors, and that they have the right to endanger the Thompson’s family and friends lives with trees, that the neighbors are washing out due to taking out what little Soil and Erosion was put into place in 1999.

Fallen tree over our roadway, that almost hit our son coming up the driveway.

Just how far will the City Management go in bulling?

Two week prior to the Thursday before Christmas the City of Salem Electric Department sent Gordan Jones over to talk about trimming trees under power lines we pointed out that our fence wasn’t the best of fences but it did its job but our fence was attached to most of the trees and the brush helped in containing of horse and that the city would have to stay 2 feet above fence post so as not to disturb fencing.

Then Thursday before Christmas the City of Salem management sent a hired crew out to cut down to the ground trees on my private property which held up the fence holding my old horse in pasture, without a word of removal of fence leaving horse in harm’s way. So sad and so childish, please pray for the critters that have no winter home.

Before the City’s destruction
Tree and natural growth supporting and camouflaging fence row.
Tree / Fence after destruction