12-29-16 Thoughts

I sit up tonight with tears in my eyes for there is a calling of rain in the news and my heart bleeds for life has never been unchallenging. I understand everyone wakes up in the morning and goes to sleep at night. I understand everyone’s morning can occur at night and vice versa.

I understand people are just people of their own making and all have their reasons for what they justify is justified.

I’ve always been one whom looks at the world with forgivingness and pray that I’m doing everyone the way I would like to be treated.

So I sit up tonight with tears in my eyes for there is a calling of rain and trying hard to understand, I have searched many a year for the years  I have lost in the Why’s of life.

Now, I have understanding there is no answers to Why’s and wish not to travel the paths of such a journey ever again.

The earth has been hard on many between the earthquakes, tornados, hard rains, high waters and fires most all works of Mother Nature.

Which most scream out as I do, Why Me Lord/God and God sends comfort in the rod and the staff, then steps in people of their own making some will wish to do right by the one’s suffering, others will do right by the one’s suffering, all will do the best they can to keep their jobs even if they have to sell their souls to the devil, for jobs are food on the table.

So I sit up tonight with tears in my eyes for there is a calling of rain and trying hard to understand, and pray for the people having to wish to do the right thing by the one’s suffering by the hands of Mother Nature and the works of man’s struggles. (Man set fires)

For no one should have to choose food on the table and living the Golden Rule of “Do unto others as you have done unto you.”

I wish not to travel the road on which people’s struggles have me traveling, as rain is a good thing, but the damages it can do when misdirected is devastating. It’s torture to one’s brain to fear rains devastation every time it rains knowing that it’s washing away the ability to drive to your home and diabetes is taking your legs and all the things I tried to do to protect the abilities to just drive home is in vane because someone didn’t do what they were supposed to of done years ago.

I’m not asking the City to spend a dime, I’m just asking them to acknowledge the soil and erosion easement and what the Department of Soil and Erosion requested of them in 1998/1999 so they might have the ability to make the neighbors put back what the neighbors have taken out so I might be allowed to drive to my home. But without them acknowledging the easement there is no way to redirect the rain and its damages for I’m downhill of the water.

Oh how I wish I would of known what James Smith from Department of Environmental Quality in 1998 meant when he shook my hand and asked me if I understood what I was doing in opening the door to the States ability to enter Salem, but even back then I had no choose for I was losing the use of my whole farm to over infiltrated sewer waters and the City of Salem wouldn’t talk to us about the problem. They just refused as to speak so as not to have to do anything. We had sewer overflowing problems for years for the State could only set up a fine on the City for using our pastures, have to give it up to the City of Salem for sealing up the sewers even though they didn’t seal up the one sewer manhole below and in front of our front porch yet to date.

So I sit up tonight with tears in my eyes for there is a calling of rain and trying hard to understand, and as I scream out to God, I pray for my short comings.

For as I look out my window and see the damages to my road frontage and my horses fence,  my heart is broken, for my wish was that my old horse of 38 years would of been able to wonder his home and pick out his own place to lay down and say good-bye. Now the City has taken even that away from this old woman and there is nothing I can do but sit, cry, and pray for that’s the way I was raised.

I know that sending out these words will seem like a burden of time for others to read, but it helps this old woman think someone will understand what’s happening to her and send up a small pray for comfort of mind to come her way, thanks.



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  1. Do you think the Derecho of June 29, 2012 could have taken out your trees? I know there were many trees that were knocked over and uprooted that year in many, many yards. Possibly your neighbors did not actually take anything out, but the derecho did instead. Food for thought since you pinpointed that date.

    1. We appreciate the feedback, to clarify a bit though the trees didn’t start falling unto a few years after the berm was removed. They are falling cause the water flow is so much that it’s washing away the dirt around their base causing the roots to become exposed and eventually with not enough dirt to support the trees. These are trees that have been standing for several decades if not centuries, that are still very healthy trees. They just can’t deal with their dirt being washed away.

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