This page will provide you with what we are currently doing or asking others to do to support us.

Posted: 12/11/2016:

To all the people who have taken the time out of their busy day and visited this web page I would like to shout out a big THANK YOU for helping get the word out about our troubles.
The majority have requested direction in how and what we the Thompson’s would like you, the public, to do in regards to helping the cause.
In giving this thought we too are troubled in the right direction to take, so we are at this time requesting the public show support by calling, Mr. H Morgan Griffith,(lets make a little noise call all three let him know eyes are upon him to do what is right).

U.S. Representative 9th District
Morgan Griffith
1-202-225-3861 (DC office)
540-381-5671 (Christiansburg office)
1-804-698-1008 (Richmond Office)

In your own way, nicely ask him to support, the following of the laws requested of him in the letter from the COMMONWEALTH of VIRGINIA, Department of Conservation and Recreation Erosion and Sediment Control, January 21, 1999 by Lynn Ann Snyder.
While he was the State Delegate overseeing that the State laws of Erosion and Sediment Control were followed in the protection of the Thompson’s farm.
And if he can’t support what was requested of him in the letters of 1999, ask him to up hold the standards of the Erosion and Sediment Control plan stamped and recorded into permanent record at the Courthouse on June 6, 1996.
For if Erosion and Sediment Control isn’t up held, he has taken part in washing out a small working farm, while taking a contribution from contractor, makes him look unethical.
Also if you know anyone that might like to do a press story about what the Thompson’s farm does for the community, so everyone knows that the farm is needed here locally to help the community, please make them aware of our problems and web and tell them we would like to talk.
Please keep advise, of web page for new information and pages, and of what may be needed in helping and please keep us informed.