January 17, 2017

January 17, 2017


So it seem to me that the City of Salem, Virginia is going to get away with torturing me for the rest of my days for they know we are trying hard to live on 19,380.00 a year and that covers the both of us and there is no way possible to come up with vehicles expenses must less come up with legal fees for a lawyer that can’t claim his fee in this type of civil court matters.

Even though I fought a good battle in the trying to just carry out my calling, to be the keeper of a small organic farm.

The Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Environmental Quality, and the Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation can say that they have laws to protect us and with the evidence we have it wouldn’t be hard for a lawyer to settle this problem of the neighbors taking out the State ordered Soil and Erosion, as does the City’s own people at the Courthouse, but the laws can’t be enforced without a lawyer.

So I guess the fight to protect our farm back in 1998/1999 was just in vain, it was just to tame the manes of the downhill people (The Thompson), with false hope, that all thing would be made right, only it was just to keep us quiet and tamed till Contractor Al Cooper could make more money, so he could give bigger Contributions so heads would turn a blind eye.

So I awaken to torturer on January 17, 1917, for rain is falling out of the sky, I give the credit to Congressman Morgan Griffith, and JAY TALIAFERRO, Virginia’s, City of Salem’s, now assistant City’s Manager (back in 1998/99 he was City of Salem’s engineer), they get the biggest credit, for caring on a fabricated lie to protect their own short comings thus torturing the mind of an already struggling mentally challenged person. They both have a strange way of being a representative for the people.

Getting off on torching the mentally challenged, we must all send up a pray, to/ for their mothers, they must be proud in raising such characters, for caring out an act of revenge, after the said City’s refusal to speak on subject of overflowing sewer waters, forcing me to look for other people that might lesson, thus came the calling of the state, Department of Environmental Quality.

I give-in and want to let the world understand how torturous, that the evil lying skin coats, Morgan Griffith and Jay Taliaferro really are for their fears of telling the whole truth. That they were the ones that was expected to post revised Soil and Erosion, protection berm into the courts, for they were mailed the state letters of compliance.

It’s becoming more and more evident that there wasn’t even an Engineer plan drown-up for the revised easement to be but into courts, thus Jay Taliaferro, short comings of the law again.  Though we (the Thompson’s) have a copy of the easement but into court for the contractor to get the license to build on above property which is on the neighbors plat records upon buying property. City of Salem says the revise version which no one has a record of overrides the one placed into court to protect us the Thompson’s.

JAY Taliaferro was out here on site as the Virginia’s, City of Salem Engineering representative    he knows the truth, so does RANDY SMITH, JOE YATES, JOHN ABBOTT, all retiring around about the same time, except Jay Taliaferro. Seems, like the reasoning for all we’re going through, for the state must of seen things they feared, just my point of view of understanding, better to run then go to jail.

Now, no matter what I try to do to make things go in my favor it seems to be all  in vain, my abilities are just so limited that it seem like they all are going to get by doing what they are doing, just because we’re too poor to hold them to the laws.

Something just doesn’t seem right or fair.

Mentally challenged holding on by a thread of hope in mankind, for not only are they getting away with allowing the easement not to exist, but they have been dumping millions of gallons of City’s treated drinking water into one of our back pasture, for the last five years, using up about one to two acres  of our hay field, making it so we can’t cut the hay off of it or even mow it as to be good neighbors to the a jointing trailer park, I fear the making of a breeding grounds for the new mosquito.

But what’s one to do, when the City says that it is no concern of theirs, they say it’s coming from a broken water main from the water plant inside the trailer park and they can’t make the private owner stop the leek as long as he is willing to pay the bill.

Morgan Griffith says, that after he investigated the leek that it wasn’t large enough of a leek to be concern with, but I don’t know about that, if it is truly a water main leaking doesn’t that mean, if water can get out can’t debris get in.

So the City of Salem residents pay more on their water bill for their water, so the City can continue to flood our back pasture. Go Salem management.

So what else has the City done to this small farm lately, Oh let’s see they came onto our private property and said they owned and easement, but when looking into the matter we found out no they don’t own an easement where they placed their Electric Poles.

That would have been as bad, if they hadn’t come on said property and cut all the tree’s and debris , that was homes for birds and other creatures, and it was a sound barrier to our home, and what was keeping my old horse in his pastures, retaliation for the posted signs I propose.

I propose cause the trees had not been an issue until the signs went up.

Mental state leery of what’s to come next in retaliation, that goes with the mental abuse, of rain, wind, fire, no road, no barn, no way to walk to house with fear of a falling tree, no why to tend chickens, pigs, or even get to garden, or firewood pile, or inside of my house without going ankle to knee deep in mud how much is one human expected to live with, for being poor isn’t enough to be punished with.

All because The City of Salem, in Virginia has no consequences in breaking the laws, for they are really good at shaking hands and having banquets so as to give them the elusion they have everyone and everything in their control, thus the reason that Kevin Boggess looked eye to eye with my husband and say to him, “you go ahead and do whatever you think you can,” before he left their last meeting over our Soil and Erosion problems on August 9, 2017 and the City’s solutions to do nothing.

Even though I’m the underdog and am Mentally Challenged, in the matter of things, I hope that this illusion of theirs’ is proven wrong and that there are consequences to The City of Salem, Virginia, Kevin Boggess, Jay Taliaferro, and most of all Morgan Griffith for continuing trespassing and torturing the mentally challenged.

So as to once more make the Thompson farm hole again.

Holding on to hope in mankind.

Sincerely yours,

Leisa Thompson

P.S. Searching desperately for way out from under City of Salem, Virginia, City management Continuous trespassing Abuse truly living in fear. If anyone has any suggestions on how to solve our problem please let us know by e-mailing us at savethompsonfarm@outlook.com or call 597-7779, if have problem with e-mail, follow us on twitter and Facebook also.

P.S. And if by chance there is a Lawyer out there that is for the underdog I’m not beyond begging, and/or bartering, we have chickens, eggs, and pigs, and hay please don’t be afraid to call.