A Few Questions We Have:

How can these people working to up hold the law have no fears in misrepresentation of the truths of the situation so laws broken in 1999 can continue to be broken, or are they the just above the law: Morgan Griffith, Jay Taliaferro, Kevin Boggess, William Simpson Jr., Mary Ellen Wines. (Check out web for details).

How can Mary Ellen Wines at the last planning and zoning meeting on December 14, 2016 stated that the city laws prevent a citizen’s home or property to endanger neighbors lives, but after talking to Jay Taliaferro she told Mr. Ronald Thompson at a later one on one meeting that the laws do not apply to our neighbors, that they have the right to endanger the Thompson’s family and friends lives with trees, that the neighbor is washing out due to taking out what little Soil and Erosion was put into place in 1999.

How can the City say that the 30 to 40 years old trees being up-rooted is anything but the removal of Berm when trees have stood until 2012 before berm was removed?

What else could the Thompson’s have done in 1999 to of prevented them from being placed into this fight to save their farm when Morgan Griffith, and the City officials all lied and the State Department of Soil and Erosion didn’t follow through to see that the Thompson’s farm would continue to be protected from what’s happening today?

What good and why do we have a Department of Soil and Erosion if they have no powers to enforce what’s drawn up and signed into the Courts? Why waste the money to give downhill folk false hope or to quiet them till contractor is got his money and ran to only have uphill waters to return and nothing can be done?

How can City Management hire a tree trimming company to come onto someone’s private property when they are gone and take down a fence holding in livestock leaving horse to get to highway, removing blackberry vines taking away farmers holiday pies and sales forever just cause they know the farmers are to stricken to do anything but bear the lost?

How can City Management leave what they claim is a Water Main Broken filling up farmer’s back pasture taken way the use of land from farmer and farmer has no recourse to but except it for they haven’t the resources to do anything about it but pay higher taxes on water bill?

How can the City have the right to leave Leisa in tears every time it rains? For it feels like torcher for rain brings unfair damages.

How can the City just decided to change things after giving out permits?

How can the Thompson’s use their experiences to help stop this from happening to others?

What powers do the State agencies have over small Cities who won’t comply with State regulations?

Do laws need to be changed to give stronger incentives not to break laws?